Who we are

We are EU-Players, a steadily growing community.


Playing in a group is more fun than being alone. That is why we provide several game servers to offer players a place where they can play with each other. 


On this website, you will find all the information relating our game and voice servers as well as all our rules and F.A.Q. We encourage everyone to join our Discord, where you can also find our rules and information about game events and updates. You will be able to find other players playing the same game and form squads in our Discord channels. Since we plan to grow a diverse community, we offer additional channels for everyone to use.


To give you a more brief and graphic idea, please find the following video we've created for you:


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We also offer you the opportunity to support the community. You will find everything you need here on this website.


Have a great day!

Your EU-Players / Amazing Horse Team.