F: Frequently A: Asked Q: Questions


Since we have received numerous meaningful questions over the past few months, we have prepared this F.A.Q. for you. We hope that this will give you answers to your questions. If not, your are more than welcome to join our discord and get in touch with us!




Q: What is the purpose of this website? 
A: We are planning to grow a community that enables players to get in touch fast. For that, we provide a website as well as a discord server  and several game servers. Join today! 

Q: How can I join? 
A: It's simple. Click here or click on the connect button in the discord widged to your rignt hand side. 


Q: Can I play on EU-Players servers without joining a discord?
A: Yes youe can. We still recommend to do so as we post information on updates and ingame events. 


Q: Which servers do you have? Where can I find it?
A: You can find all of our servers here.


Q: Are there any Rules on your servers?

A: Yes, there are rules on all of our servers. You can find out more here.


Q: How can I support the community?
A: You can donate to the community, more information can you find under "Donate".