Dayz Rules


• Respect players and admins at all times.

• Advertising of any kind is prohibited (in-game, ts, homepage, etc.).

• No glitching / hacking / combat logging / stream sniping / duping / scripts / bugs.

• No racism / sexism / radical right-wing statements / spam inside / direct chat.

• No insults! Decent behavior in any text/language channels.

• Please understand that each player has their own opinion.

• Support only in the Discord.

• Support only against evidence (screenshots/videos).

• Safe zone camping is prohibited. Safezonecamping describes the exploitation of the invulnerability of the safe zone. (No entry and exit of the safe zone). Players who run into the safe zone may be shot at, provided that there is no safe zone camping. (Should you run into each other).

• Driving is at your own risk. Do not drive if there are more than 40 players on the server. No vehicle support. If your vehicle has disappeared after a crash or something similar is decided in support based on the situation. Provided evidence.



• No ramming in the safe zone.

• Trader camping/tracking players from the safe zone is not allowed.

• Blocking the vehicle spawn point is prohibited.

• The blocking of the clan area must not be removed!

• Vehicles may only be parked in the safe zone for the time of trading.

• Don't pick up items that don't belong to you.

• No trolling (eg opening/closing car doors, stealing car parts, blocking people in buildings, playing music, firing any grenades, setting fields, etc.).

It is allowed to shoot near the safe zone if you happen to run into other players!

It is difficult to determine whether someone is camping. We cannot monitor this area around the clock if you are killed by someone you think is a camper, contact an admin.



• Roads must not be built on. Building over roads is also prohibited.

• The minimum construction distance to a Safe Zone Marker must be 700 m.

• Building in or near military areas is prohibited. The minimum distance is 500 m (to the outer edge of the game map marking the area, individual military buildings do not necessarily count as military areas).

• A maximum of 4 watchtowers per base, whereby only max. 2 watchtowers may be built one above the other.

• A maximum of 5 walls (floors) on top of each other, a watchtower counts as 2 floors.

• Skybases are prohibited. A maximum of 2 platforms overhang per side.


Only ONE base per player is allowed. If you play in a team with more than 5 members, you can ask an admin for permission to use a second base.



• Raiden due to construction errors of others is allowed! A construction error is, for example, if a wall is not properly snapped and you can see the inside from the outside.

• Changing hostile CodeLocks is not allowed.

• Building fields to gain access to a base is prohibited.

• No destruction of walls / roofs / gates / etc. To get building materials. Destroy only what is needed to gain access to the loot.

• Player boosting is allowed.

• Logging out of an enemy base is not allowed! This does not apply to logging out via a restart, as long as you log in again after a restart (if you stay logged out for more than 10 minutes you will have to face the consequences).

• Watchtowers must not be dismantled from the outside.


We recommend recording with a base raid so that we can process the case as soon as possible (if a player believes that we have not been legitimately raided). (Instructions in the Discord)


If a base raid has not been carried out legitimately, punishment will follow.

In the event that you have lost all your items through an illegal base raid, take screenshots (not older than 7 days) of your base for the reimbursement

Measures against rule violations


Violations of these rules can be punished depending on their severity.

- Warning

- 24-hour spell

- 3 days spell

- 5 days spell

- 7 days spell

- Permanent spell

Closing word:

The admin's word is final, whether it is in the rules or not. This should be accepted and followed at all times.

If the admin contacts you, it is your duty to respond.